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TROIA COIN ECOSYSTEM was built upon decentralized apps that uses latest blockchain technologies

We have developed a state-of-the-art token sale platform where you can securely and reliably buy and store your tokens. This is the fastest and most flexible token sale platform in existence. You can buy our tokens securely and easily.

When you buy token from our platform, you will get your tokens in 24 hours after confirmation. You will check and see price rising of your holdings day by day. With this helpful dashboard, you will have full control of your assets.



TROIA DIGITAL BOUNDS are unique Non Fungible Assets that provides incomes according to Bounds uniqueness, quality and other specifications. By buying TROIA DIGITAL BOUNDS you can become a shareholder of TROIA ECOSYSTEM.


Troia Pay is a banking solution provided by Troia Ecosystem. This is an online banking app which features such as borrowing, lending, credit and debit card solutions both with cryptocurrencies and fiat.


ChipVault®️ is our unique project that is the name of digital innovation. This chip includes not only your personal storage which holds your important documents, photos, videos but also your cryptocurrencies with ultimate security solutions on this digital vault.


TROIA Smart Trade Robot has been developed and tested for 5 years with the trading professionals, implemented historical cryptocurrency charts, graphs and important news and reactions of the community upon basic analysis and technical analysis incl. all formations.



Advantages of Early token buyers

You can buy our tokens at discounted price.

You will have an access to our Beta platforms for our ecosystem modules.

You will get advantages while they are using our mining apps.

You will get exclusive access to our Trading Robot. (Min. 10000 usd buying)

You will get discounts when you checkout at Troia E-Store.
And many more extras...

Advantages of Digital Bound Buyers

You can start earning TROIA Coin's ASAP when you buy TROIA DIGITAL BOUNDS. (APY %72)

You will have an access to ChipVault®️ technology. (Min. 100 locked shares)

You can attend all exclusive events that TROIA organizes.

You can get access beta access to CEX and DEX of TROIA Ecosystem.

You will have priority and discounts on TROIA SMART CITY when you buy real estates. (Min 1000 locked shares)
And many more extras...


High Grade Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies

High Liquidity

User-Friendly Interface

Advanced Trading Features

Staking and Passive Income Opportunities

Launchpad and Innovation Zone

NFT marketplace


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Token Name


Token Symbol




Binance Smart CHAIN


Total supply

500 M

Soft Cap

20 M

Hard Cap

100 M


50 M





You can download and get all information about Troia ECOSYSTEM. Also you can check TROIA COIN's audit report.

White Paper (2023)
Litepaper (2023)
Pitch Deck (2023)




Below we’ve provided all necessary information about TROIA COIN, IEO period, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us.


TROIA stands for Troia Ecosystem Coin which is a utility token created on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) token that can be used for staking, payments, and exchanging value and services.

Simply register our website by clicking Login button on the top-right corner.
You can buy via following simple instructions in our website.

First you have to convert your BTC, ETH and other coins to USDT on external exchanges then you can buy with USDT (TRC20) or (BEP20).

When you buy on IEO period, you can get more tokens than Normal listing period. With this way you can multiply your token amount and get extra rewards.

When will IEO sales start and how will it continue?

IEO Sales will start on 15.09.2023 and every month a new phase will start. Sales will continue until 15 June 2023

Official contract address is 0x714e82f4EF196E35655b268b6967a8eCf7eF51c1.

You can check Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Tron and Avalance Networks. You can check contract information in our whitepaper.

After you buy your tokens from Dashboard, you have to fill out your address correctly. In 24 hours your tokens will be sent automatically.

General Information

Our token sales will consist of 3 periods and 9 phases. After the final phase on 15.06.2024, you can start trading both in our Exchanges (CEX & DEX). Trading on both platforms will start on 01.08.2024

15 Sep-15 Oct. 1st phase of Close Sales 20M tokens will be sold for 0.10$/token.
15 Oct-15 Nov. 2nd phase of Close Sales 20M tokens will be sold for 0.20$/token.
15 Nov-15 Dec. 3rd phase of Close Sales 20M tokens will be sold for 0.30$/token.

15 Dec-15 Jan. 1st phase of Pre Sales 20M tokens will be sold for 0.40$/token.
15 Jan-15 Feb. 2nd phase of Pre Sales 20M tokens will be sold for 0.50$/token.
15 Feb-15 Mar. 3rd phase of Pre Sales 20M tokens will be sold for 0.60$/token.

15 Dec-15 Jan. 1st phase of Pre Sales 20M tokens will be sold for 0.40$/token.
15 Jan-15 Feb. 2nd phase of Pre Sales 20M tokens will be sold for 0.50$/token.
15 Feb-15 Mar. 3rd phase of Pre Sales 20M tokens will be sold for 0.60$/token.

Which countries are prohibited from token sale?

Following countries are prohibited from token sale. USA,Cuba,North Korea,Sudan,Angola,Bahamas,Botswana,Burundi,Cambodia,Cameroon,Chad,Congo,Democratic Republic of Congo,Ghana,Guinea,Madagascar,Mozambique,Nicaragua,South Sudan,Trinidad and Tobago,Uganda,Vanuatu,Venezuela,Yemen,Zimbabwe

You have to check your countries' laws and tax regulations according to cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

You can't sell or transfer your digital asset until the end of IEO period. After that dates you can start selling and transferrring your assets.

You can get 7/24 exclusive access by holding TROIA Exclusive Club NFT. Also you can reach us via our official telegram an twitter channels and e-mail to
[email protected]

Contact Us

We are always open and we welcome and questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please fill out the form below. Someone from our team will get back to you shortly.